Hunting Y.O. Headquarters: Y.O. Ibex Hunt

Our animals and experience are what make Y.O. Headquarters one of the best private hunting ranches in the Texas Hill Country.  Combine that with some Texas-sized hospitality and you will keep coming back to hunt with us year after year.

Offering year-round Y.O. Ibex  hunts.

The Y.O. Ibex hybrid form originated by Charles Schreiner III by breeding Ibex males with domestic goats. The objective was to produce hunt able breeding line looking like the wild stock.

Hunter’s can choose from several forms of hunting including, spot and stalk, bow hunting, rifle hunting, pistol hunting, or hunting from a blind.

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Trophy Y.O. Ibex Hunt:

$4,250 Trophy  Y.O. Ibex

Our Trophy Y.O. Ibex Hunt offers a great opportunity for you to hunt Y.O. Ibex at this legendary ranch.

Did you know:

  • The Y.O. Ibex was created on the original Y.O. Ranch by crossing a Persian Ibex and a Catalina Goat.
  • Some of the Y.O. Ibex have the horns of a Catalina and the body of an Ibex, and others have the horns of an Ibex and the shaggy body of a Catalina.
  • Male horns curve up from massive bases and tend to hook at the top.
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