Hunting YO Headquarters: Hunting Methods

Whatever your method of hunting, we can accommodate your needs at Y.O. Ranch Headquarters.

Bow Hunting

For many hunters, this traditional method of hunting represents a greater challenge and provides more satisfaction than using a rifle. Y.O. Ranch Headquarters welcomes all bow hunters as they represent a large percentage of our visitors. An archery range is also available.

Rifle Hunting

High powered rifle hunts are not restricted in the state of Texas so we encourage rifle hunters to bring either a .243, .270, .300, or 30-06 caliber rifle with shells. For larger animals like elk and extremely tough animals like the wild boar, we recommend a .270 caliber rifle or larger.

We maintain a rifle range on site for sighting in and making any other necessary adjustments prior to your hunt. For those who want to avoid the hassles of traveling with a gun, we provide rifles and ammunition for $ a day.

Hand Gun

If this is your method of hunting, bring a minimum .38 caliber gun. Hand gun hunting is very popular and can also make for a very challenging hunt.

Black Powder

We welcome the hunter using primitive methods. Most black powder guns will work well for nearly all of our animal hunts.