Hunting Y.O. Headquarters: Addax Hunt


 Our animals and experience are what make Y.O. Headquarters one of the best private hunting ranches around.  Combine that with some Texas-sized hospitality and you will keep coming back to hunt with us year after year.

Offering year-round Addax hunts.

 Y.O. Headquarters offers hunters the opportunity to hunt and harvest these rare beautiful animals year-round. Addax are known as super exotic due to the scarcity, so come to Y.O. Headquarters to experience the hunt of a lifetime.

Hunter’s can choose from several forms of hunting including, spot and stalk, bow hunting, rifle hunting, pistol hunting, or hunting from a blind. 

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Trophy Addax Hunt 

$9,500 Trophy

Our  Addax Trophy hunts offer a great opportunity for you to hunt Addax  at this legendary ranch.


Did you know:
  • Addax can survive without water almost indefinitely, because they get moisture from their food source.
  • Addax are also called the white antelopes and screwhorn antelope
  • Due to its slow movements, the antelope is an easy target for its predators in their natural habitat.
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