Y.O. Headquarters: Making Dreams Come True

Here at Y.O. Headquarters, it’s all about making dreams come true. We get several requests for help in making someone’s day special. Whether it’s an up close and personal experience with giraffes or a chance to propose in a very unique way, we do everything we can to make it happen.

Take David, for instance. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a special way and asked us to come up with some ideas. After serval weeks of back and forth calls and emails, our plan went into motion. They arrived on a Friday night to find 2 dozen roses in their room. Saturday was filled with activities….a 2-hour private tour where they viewed and photographed our many species of animals and even had a giraffe interaction. This was followed by a 2-hour horseback ride which ended up on Gobbler’s Knob, the highest point on the ranch, where we have the most beautiful sunsets. (There was a moment of panic when the wrangler called to say she was lost, but they made it in time). Waiting for them was a spread of shrimp, fruit, crackers and cheese, chocolates and more flowers. There was only one hitch in our plan. David had forgotten the ring. After some quick thinking, we found a shiny pebble for him. You see, a male penguin will drop a shiny pebble in front of the female he wants to mate with. So that’s what David did. As the sun was setting behind him, he got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes! Champagne was brought out to toast the couple and new friendships were formed.

Need some help making someone’s dream come true? We love a good challenge here at Y.O. Headquarters. So bring it on!

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